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Our Founder, Chief Workplace Culture Specialist, and Chief Happiness Officer, Sophie Bryan is an TEDx speaker, international keynote speaker, as well has having been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 with comedian, David Mitchell.

She is the host and curator of the Rebel Work Podcast, author, a regular guest speaker at several universities, and an all-round lover of having great conversations, on and off stage/mic.

She is fiercely passionate about workplace culture, and you will often find her addressing audiences at large scale conferences, internal staff conferences, leadership development events, team away days and business retreats.

Sophie doesn’t just bring the conversation, but she brings the energetic interaction, humour and fun that always makes her talks memorable. From getting her audience to Salsa dance, stretching out with some Yoga or using Lego and clay to make her point, no session is ever the same, and will definitely make an impact at your event.

Sophie is flexible on subject and content, because culture, leadership, and people are all big subjects, and can be taken from various different angles. 

And if you need some inspiration about the kinds of themes she can cover, here’s just a few ideas, but she’ll have loads more that are right for your event when you chat to her. She’ll come up with a sexy title too:

• Happiness at Work
• Understanding Workplace Culture
• Wellbeing
• Coaching Cultures
• Recruitment
• Retention
• Motivation
• Team Cohesion
• 21st Century Leadership
• Authenticity, Vulnerability and Trust

Sophie has been published and contributed to articles in high profile HR publications such as HR Now and HR Magazine, as well as WorkLife and Refinery29. 

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Sophie did a great job of the workshop – she was quick to pick up what we wanted from the session, worked well with us planning it out and excellent facilitation skills (keeping energy levels up and moving through the session to plan).

Leadership Academy Manager, EDF Energy

L&D Lead, Atkins

Sophie had a huge impact on the way I perceive my role as a learning and development professional and my career path. Through coaching she helped me understand my potential, identify opportunities to grow and gain the confidence and courage to become who I wanted to be. Her style is unique, focused on what I could realistically achieve in a timely way and playing to my strengths. Thank you for opening a world of opportunities right in front of my eyes.
Florentina Pascaru

Managing Director, Happy Ltd

Sophie facilitated an excellent Action Learning Set at Happy for our Senior leadership team. I was very impressed with the format for the session and the way it gave everyone space to contribute authentically and equally. The two hour session enabled us to fully explore the subject under discussion with depth and clarity. I found Sophie to be an insightful and positive presence throughout, keeping us on track whilst also challenging us supportively. I would highly recommend Sophie and Action Learning Sets.
Cathy Buscani

Head of Service, SPANA

In the 3 years or so that I've known Sophie she has been a huge influence on me in both my work and personal lives. Her coaching approach and ability to get quickly to the root of the problem have really given me cause to consider my own ways of thinking and my actions on many occasions. Her unique background and individual style really bring something different to group situations and I've seen her change the dynamic in the room. She is very creative and inventive and never afraid to throw something new into the mix.
Denise Locke

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