It’s our mission to create a better planet by starting with the change makers in the world – you and your organisation. 

We are wholeheartedly obsessed with workplace culture! Our founder has over 20 years of innovative, creative and rebellious experience of up to board level culture change, HR, Leadership and business transformation. And our Culture Crew trainers and coaches that join us on our big projects are equally passionate experts in the field of customer experience, HR, leadership and wellbeing.
Fun facts about us:

👉 We hold 4 awards for our contribution to workplace culture including from Personnel Today for Excellence in Employee Engagement.
👉 We have worked on a 3-part BBC Radio 4 show as a coach to David Mitchell on a series about Meetings at Work 
👉 We have a TED Talk which explains why we need more freedom, curiosity and play at work.
👉We’ve had case studies of our work published in well known leadership books 
👉 We’ve contributed to HR articles in well-known HR publications
👉 We’ve delivered guest lectures to several universities
👉 We have a global platform, having led key notes and delivered conference speeches across the world on workplace culture
👉 Our Founder is also a Yoga teacher and nutritionist.

As a former director of HR & Workplace Culture, Sophie become frustrated with how organisations were compounding poor health and wellbeing practices, so she trained to change this. Sophie leads both private and corporate yoga sessions, as well as one of our most popular programmes “Powering Up and Powering Down” – the series of workshops that help employees align their energy to be the best they can be at work and in their home life.

We’ve helped organisations transition through mergers and acquisition, change their employee experience, find and embed their true values, transform how they communicate, re-brand their HR function, and elevate leaders and their people to their full potential, just to name a few. 

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