I'm a Chief Workplace Culture Specialist, and you've landed in the home of extraordinary workplace cultures! Perhaps it was my TEDx or my BBC Radio 4 Series that brought you here... or perhaps just pure curiosity? Google lead you here by accident? However it happened, I’m really glad you made it here. Here’s a quick lay of the land so you can find what you’re looking for and be inspired for your career, culture and customer.



I'm Sophie

The Rebel Work Podcast is a platform to share the rebel way with the world, with the intention that our working lives can be ones of fun, significance, value and purpose.

Sophie passionately believes that we should all have happier, healthier, more productive and purposeful experiences of work, and this podcast is here to show you how.





Sophie is a Workplace Culture Specialist and Chief Happiness Officer (don't you dare start on the pink mush... it's properly scientific and everything!) and along with the Ordinarily Different Culture Crew team, we have a passion for radical workplace practices, extraordinary leadership, rebellious HR, thriving happiness, astounding engagement at work, unleashed learning & development, and whole human wellbeing.

We like to think of ourselves as architects, helping you create the blueprint of how you take care of yourself, your people and your customers.

We can help you build thriving organisations by creating happier, healthier, more productive and purpose driven workplace cultures and experiences.

Because... When your people love you... your customers will love you. And when your customers love you... your shareholders (and company bank account!) love you too.

Who we are


That’s the corporate dream, isn’t it?

Imagine your organisation is focused on health. 

Your people have the energy and resources to do their great work. That your culture prevents stress and burnout. And instead, invigorates and excites.

You nourish your people inside and out, so they can put their full selves into the work and produce something your customers love. And so that they come home in great shape to spend their personal time doing the things they love, with the people they love.

We’re here to radically change how people feel energetically at work and in their home lives. We do not separate out the two – they are like yin and yang, working in harmony together.

On Health...

On Productivity...

Imagine that your organisation is about maximising productivity, by getting the happiness and health pieces spot on, and then…

Elevating performance by empowering people to make the right decisions.
Being curious, leading with coaching and collaboration. Providing natural opportunities of play – play to strengths, to experiment, to innovate, create and evolve, as well as make mistakes that shine a light on something that needs fixing.  

We are here to make a massive change in the wasted potential and performance of people at work.

On Purpose...

Imagine your organisation is so deeply aligned to its’ purpose that the mission is central to all that you do, both for your customer and your people… it’s a two-way street. 

That people feel so aligned to purpose that they are proud to be an ambassador of your organisation and can see the good it’s making on society and the world. That all the behaviours, customs and practices within your organisation align to your values and mission.

We believe all organisations should serve the greater good of humanity and the planet that we occupy. At OD are fully committed to making a positive impact here, both in our own organisation and the organisations we support. 

On Happiness...

Imagine the company you founded, lead or work for, creating a culture of happiness – that nurtures joy at work.

That everything you do is focused on people being happy – and even when times get tough and decisions need to be made - you operate with co-creation, compassion and balance, to help people stay happier than they would be if you didn’t.

We know that only 41% of people are happy at work, most of the time. (Personnel Group 2019). If we are unhappy at work, we don’t perform to our full potential. That’s 59% of people not being happy, not performing to their full potential. 

What we do

We can rock your world (or workplace) in 3 spaces:




Your Workplace Culture

Leadership & HR

Your People's Potential

Let's get more human, soulful, and impactful at work. Write your own truthful playbook for work. Unleash and create the culture you and your people deserve.

Become the leader and people team that you always wanted to experience. 
Lead with humanity, vibrancy, energy, compassion and direction.

Your people are your infinite resource of potential. Help them grow intellectually, emotionally, physically, honestly so that collectively you rise together.






Ready to Transform Your Workplace Culture?


We believe in creating happier, healthier, productive and purposeful organisations, because in turn, that creates happier, healthier more productive and purposeful humans, and that’s the world we want to live in today and the future.

It’s our mission to create a better planet by starting with the change makers in the world – you and your organisation. We help you provide really human and soulful experiences for people that enrich them, so that they roll out of bed excited to go do their best work.

We also have a really low tolerance for bad customer service. Fixing workplace culture means that people have great working experiences and customers have better experiences too.

Our Why

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