Unleashing Your Culture

Think of culture like a fingerprint. Your cultural experience leaves a trace everywhere, on everything and with anyone it touches. We help you to free up and redefine your culture so that every touch point is a positive one. We do this through 3 different gigs: 

We’re in it with you. Back stage, up front and in the audience. We’ll help you produce your culture - the sensible direction, the preciseness, and of course the fireworks and ticker tape when you’ve got everyone rocking!

Using our expertise and passion as your co-creators and partners. We’ll help you to seek out the REAL issues and then we help unleash you from the old and unhelpful elements to become a liberated, co-created culture, that has the vibration of an Ibiza night!

And this doesn’t have to be a full organisational culture change - it could be a regional, customer area, department or team that needs some focus. We’ve everything from an individual team of 10- all the way through to an organisation of 5,000 people and beyond.

1. Culture Discovery & Consultancy

How it works

 Book a Free Culture Chat with us: We’ll talk through your challenges. If you think that we are a great fit for your organisation’s journey to a rocking workplace, with happy customers then... 

We’ll get you booked in for a Culture Discovery: During the Discovery we will do some digging deep to take stock of what we see, hear and feel in your organisation, and produce a report for you on what we think are the key areas for development and our recommendations for the next steps. We’ll further cost out the options here, if you want to continue working with us. No pressure (but I’m pretty sure once you’ve bought stadium tickets, you’re gonna want to go the whole hog and get a box!)

We get stuck into the programme planning and execution: We will work with you and your respective teams, including leadership, HR, staff forums and customer engagement groups to bring the culture dream alive. Boom!

When we’re done, it’s not the end… we’ll help you with a continuation plan to ensure you stay on track, and we’re always here to support you - take a look at some of the other ways we can support you… Some of our clients often use the Culture Coaching and Culture Camp in line with the main culture change programme, and/ or after the programme is complete. It's like booking to see the gig for a second night because first night was so incredible!





2. Culture Coaching

We’ve got your back. Behind the scenes, supporting you through our bespoke Culture Coaching.

Wow, do we love doing these! 

Working like this is ideal for Chief Execs, Directors and HR, who can’t commit to a full culture shift, but need a bit of guidance. Think of us as your on-call culture therapists, agony aunts, mentors, experts and sounding boards. We're the back stage producers - and you're in control of the crowd, the lights, sound and atmosphere. We'll just help you tweak those things, one by one. 

You come to the coaching sessions with either:

1. A challenge of your choice to be worked on over a period of time. We guide you through the best next courses of action, step by step, and we work on it session by session.

2.  A different challenge or issue every session - the thing that’s hot on your head and maybe keeping you awake at night (like a bad ear worm - that annoying song you can’t shake off!). We become your advocate, supporter, in your corner helping you navigate the messiness of dealing with humans.
Don’t forget, EVERY issue you have in your organisation can be solved by a strong culture, so even if it’s a supplier, political or financial issue, we know there’s a cultural initiative that will prevent and/or solve it. In the coaching sessions, we’ll coach you through how it’s affecting you, your team/org and give you pointers/actions to implement.

3. A focus on you - personally. We know it’s often lonely at the top, and even more so if you are trying to affect change in your organisation, that not everyone is supporting (oh we know that scenario soooo very well!), or things are getting abit tough and it's taking its toll on your mental, emotional and physical health. We love nothing more than using our coaching sessions to help take care of you! Helping you personally navigate your way through the challenges, having influence and impact, whilst taking care of your health and wellbeing too!

3. Culture Camp

This is the place to hunker down on the intricacies of building an exceptional culture - we teach you from start to finish the art of culture curating, so that you can go do it for yourself! 

The programme is 5 days long. And you can either do it across a full week, or spread the programme out over a period of months. We can come do it in house, or if we have an open course happening, you are welcome to join us there.

At Culture Camp, we cover things like:

Throughout all of the modules, we will focus on:

  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Understanding Culture - diagnosing and developing
  • Re-evaluating Mission, Purpose, Value and Behaviours
  • People Resources, Projects & Policies
  • The Leadership Ethos – whoever, wherever, whatever
  • The People Experience – The Infinity Loop
  • Leading the Chief People Programme / Happiness Officer Role
  • Budgeting for culture and people
  • Embedding and Reinventing Culture – evidencing your project’s buy – in through linking into existing culture and expansion/ transformation of culture. External stakeholder project and internal stakeholder project. Multiple project companies externally working with different contracts to deliver a digital transformation project.
  • Coaching with overall exec sponsor to define the ethos of the project
  • Bring everyone together to create a mini organisation – boot camp and emerge as a tribe. Micro culture of the team.

  • Collaboration and co-creation
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Authenticity and Vulnerability
  • Trust and Psychological Safety
  • Health, Wealth, Wellbeing and Happiness

This is the course that no CEO, director or HR manager should be without. 
It’s the course that every manager and team leader needs to know about.
It’s the one for you if Organisational Development, Culture Change, Engagement, Communications, Business Transformation, HR (how many other buzz words can we string out?!) has landed on your lap and you don’t know where to start when it comes to culture.
You will get the maximum from this if you are:
  • You are curious and want to know more about workplace culture
  • You are ready to make a change in your organisation, or want to make a case for change
  • You are open-minded, ready to listen, do the work, connect and collaborate
  • You believe that joyful, soulful, more human workplaces are the future and just need some direction in what, how, when of making it happen.
  • Your people or customers are giving you uncomfortable feedback and you know things need to change, but don’t know where to start. Or maybe you’ve got comfortable with where your people and customers are at- but is it enough? You’ll find out on this course!

For us, culture is:

“Everything that you think, feel, say and do in your organisation”.

It’s formed by everyone, for everyone. It’s your external brand and your employee brand. And no-one culture is ever the same.
In terms of culture, we take you from ordinary to the different.

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