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Hi there!

I’m Sophie Bryan, the founder and Chief Workplace Specialist at Ordinarily Different. I’ve worked in HR, Learning and Organisational Development, Leadership Growth and Culture Change for over 20 years. 

There’s so much to know about my story, which over time, as we work together, or as you listen to my podcast or my TEDx Talk, you’ll come to know all about. But let me just break down a few fun facts for you…

I started work in HR at 17 and I knew back then that “work” sucked!

I was one the youngest people in the UK to achieve Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD) at the age of 29.

Throughout my career, I hated the idea of being in an office and the world passing me by outside, as I was being told what to do. I needed freedom to plan my work the way I saw fit and be creative and playful in its focus. I felt caged. Nevertheless, I worked hard, as you're “supposed to”, and achieved a degree and masters in HR, and mini-MBA, all whilst working full time. 

It took me to get the role of HR & Workplace Culture Director at age 33 to realise how truly sucky work was and how inauthentic I was being. 
But had had major successes in my career up to that point – My team and I had been recipient of four prestigious HR awards, I spoke at many conferences, had case studies written about my work, and invited to share my approach with other organisations.

It was then that I realised I was doing something new, innovative and really impactful that people wanted a slice of, so following a work burnout, I quit the corporate world in 2017 and unleashed myself! And started a business doing what I do best - transforming organisations and people – true to my authentic self – rebellious, playful, passionate and impactful.

And look what was created… 

A monster of culture change energy, a force for good and having impacted over 50,000 people at work!

I truly believe that we live too short a life to spend one to two thirds of it in jobs and working in cultures that do not fulfil us. Work is not all about money, it’s about your soul’s purpose - your calling, making a contribution and change happen, money is a survival by-product of work.

I also believe that Zappos and Netflix are not just the only organisations that have these different, radical and world class workplace cultures. The different is for everyone. I’m taking a stand for making the ordinary everyday company - different, authentic to who they are and unleashing their workplace culture, so that organisations and their people reach their full potential.

I’m also a Corporate Yoga Teacher and Nutritionist, four times qualified leadership, career and life coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Holistic Image and Personal Stylist. And I love bringing all these elements into what we do at Ordinarily Different.

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