Your People's Potential

We love nothing more than rocking it out with your people, and helping them grow, personally and professionally. We adore sharing the highs and lows, stepping into and encouraging vulnerability, and helping your people step into their true potential. 

And we love doing this online or face to face, no matter the means of getting this to your people, they can expect fun, high vibes, great conversations, safe spaces and tools to go away and use straight away. 

We do this in 3 areas:

Our high impact workshops, training, experiments, talks and development opportunities, all aligned to our beliefs and values on workplace culture. 
We talk about stuff like:
  • CV and Interview Skills
  • Experience Action Learning 
  • Self Confidence 
  • Communication Essentials
  • Managing Your Relationship with Technology
  • Understanding Your Personal Brand
  • Presenting Online
  • Powerful Presentations (in general)
  • TEDx Style Public Speaking
  • Understanding and Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Creating Habits that Stick
  • Goals and Vision Setting
  • Maximise Your Learning Potential
  • Building Better Relationships (Family and Work)
  • Assertiveness and Saying No!
  • Holding Impactful Meetings
  • Introduction to Coaching Skills
  • Declutter, De-stress and Organise
  • Career and Life Review
  • The Psychology of Relationships
  • Power – Up Your Personal and Social Life

1. Unleashed Learning

From workplace Yoga, meditation, relaxation and nutrition - to freedom from stress, building resilience, personal branding and science of happiness.
We talk about stuff like:
  • The Science of Happiness
  • Powering You Up - Nutrition and Exercise 101!
  • Health and Wellbeing - Taking Care of Yourself
  • Managing Physical Wellbeing at Work
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Health Wealthy Workplace
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Corporate Wellbeing Retreat (Workshops Followed by Yoga)
  • Supporting Men’s and Women’s Mental Health (specific sessions)
  • Working with Resilience and Managing Stress
  • Mood Booster (one hour burst of meditation and positive psychology)
  • Understanding Positive Psychology
  • Living Seasonally
  • New Beginnings and Creating Rituals
  • Work Life Balance Re-fresh

2. Whole-human Wellbeing

3. Babies in the Boardroom

Our innovative offer that supports parents at work, enabling them to truly find balance.

We take care of our new parents with our Maternity Leave/ Parental Leave support programmes, retreats, coaching, and health and wellbeing workshops. And The Juggle Struggle – is our kick ass programme for working parents, navigate their working lives with little ones. We had some fantastic success with this supporting our key workers and civil servants during the Covid pandemic with this programme, and it's still going strong!

We also love going off the set list - it’s so much fun to create something bespoke for your people - so why not drop us a line and tell us what you need.

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