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Want to know the types of organisations we support? Here's the low down...

We have worked across the globe in USA, Portugal, Holland and UK, supporting organisations to create the very best versions of themselves, so no matter if you are:

👉A leader who wants help to focus first and foremost on your people. 
👉A CEO who is thinking things need a good wake up and shake up.
👉A Senior Leadership Team that’s stuck on the people front and you want to engage the experts.
👉A HR Director looking to shift your HR reputation, your people offer and maybe get your seat at the top table (if you aren’t there yet), or to get that Investors in People or Times Top 100 award. 
👉A HR leader who is focused on appraisal systems, reward and recognition, recruitment etc and you need some fresh, modern ideas.
👉An OD partner looking for support on a culture project. 
👉A leader, wanting to upskill, encourage a sense of belonging, increase retention, lower sickness absence and take care of people’s wellbeing.

...there's way a we can help.

Or, perhaps you’re a bit of everything above? Or something completely different?  Whatever brought you here, if it’s anything to do with people, we can help.

Our clients tell us we are fantastic at transforming cultures, especially when it comes to:
👉Major change: Take overs, mergers, restructures - supporting people through change and identifying what culture look likes in this new world. 
👉Leadership: New CEO, new Leadership teams, re-energising and up levelling existing leadership teams, creating a new ethos and flavour of leadership 
👉Performance: Shifting poor customer experience and poor employee experience
👉Employee Relationships: Removing inequality, lack of diversity, bullying and harassment etc. Getting all the foundations right so that a great culture can thrive and expand upon the basic needs.
👉Burnout and Pressure: Low health and wellbeing, people are drained and lethargic and so are the leaders, resilience is low, stress is high. 
👉Hybrid Working: Figuring out the right cultural path for flexibility within the work, technology, place and processes.
👉Innovation and Creativity: Re-energising service or products, creating new ideas to make a bigger difference to your people and customers
👉Curiosity and Coaching: Removing out-dated appraisal processes and replacing it with coaching moments and creating a curiosity-led / coaching culture.
👉HR Transformation: Completely rethinking HR’s purpose, internal and external brand, processes, restructuring and becoming a new refreshed, modern version of what HR exists to do.

But don’t take our word for it, this is what our clients had to say about their experience with us:

Sophie did a great job of the workshop – she was quick to pick up what we wanted from the session, worked well with us planning it out and excellent facilitation skills (keeping energy levels up and moving through the session to plan).

Leadership Academy Manager, EDF Energy

L&D Lead, Atkins

Sophie had a huge impact on the way I perceive my role as a learning and development professional and my career path. Through coaching she helped me understand my potential, identify opportunities to grow and gain the confidence and courage to become who I wanted to be. Her style is unique, focused on what I could realistically achieve in a timely way and playing to my strengths. Thank you for opening a world of opportunities right in front of my eyes.
Florentina Pascaru

Managing Director, Happy Ltd

Sophie facilitated an excellent Action Learning Set at Happy for our Senior leadership team. I was very impressed with the format for the session and the way it gave everyone space to contribute authentically and equally. The two hour session enabled us to fully explore the subject under discussion with depth and clarity. I found Sophie to be an insightful and positive presence throughout, keeping us on track whilst also challenging us supportively. I would highly recommend Sophie and Action Learning Sets.
Cathy Buscani

Head of Service, SPANA

In the 3 years or so that I've known Sophie she has been a huge influence on me in both my work and personal lives. Her coaching approach and ability to get quickly to the root of the problem have really given me cause to consider my own ways of thinking and my actions on many occasions. Her unique background and individual style really bring something different to group situations and I've seen her change the dynamic in the room. She is very creative and inventive and never afraid to throw something new into the mix.
Denise Locke

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