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Who is she..?

April 15, 2024

I’m not your typical anything – mother, partner, colleague, friend, entrepreneur… So, it’ll be no surprise to my work community that despite being a Workplace Culture Consultant – which most of you know me as, I’m also a Burlesque dancer, starting a Sex/Life company, have a dance school (The Sexy & Soulful Dance School), and […]

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A group of people all jumping up in the air ontop of a mountain at Alptitude 2023

Alptitude23 I’ve been to several Happy Startup School events over the past few years – Week of Nothing (a retreat where 15 of us literally “did nothing” for a week and by doing nothing, we gained something) and of course the famous Summer Camp (where 150 entrepreneurs silently rave their way through their business journey […]

What You Learn From a Week in the Mountains

June 28, 2023

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