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7 Top Tips to Test Your Workplace Culture and See How Well It’s Embedded

The workplace culture is often defined by the values that your organisation has and the associated behaviours – the way in which you and your people conduct your business. Often it is perceived that your organisation lives and breathes these values, because they are pictorially displayed around the offices/workspaces, but a well embedded culture is so much more than that.

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Here’s 7 Tips to Test your Workplace Culture:

  • Recruitment and Selection processes and decisions are based on your values and behaviours, in equal measure, if not more importance, than skill.
  • Performance coaching and discussions is in line with the values and behaviours – discussions should be around “how” you did it, as well as  “what” you did.
  • Your Learning and Development plan supports and develops your values and behaviours
  • Your Health and Wellbeing practices should not just be good intentions, but fully aligned to your values and up to date with best practice
  • You ask your staff regularly (perhaps through the means of staff surveys etc.), what is happening for them. You align this feedback to your values and behaviours, and act on it.
  • Your working environment reflects your values and behaviours. If innovation is featured in your values and behaviours, don’t expect that to happen (or as happen as well as it could) if you have closed off offices/cubicles, management by email and no creative areas for discussion.
  • Your customers should have a good feel for values and behaviours, even if they aren’t told them – ask them and find out what they have to say about you and your staff, your products/services and processes.

Take a look around your organisation today, and see if you can see these things happening. One small change in any of these areas could start to make an impact in how your company and staff perform towards your values and behaviours, how they feel coming to work, and how your customers feel about who you are, and your products/services.

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